The Benefits of Having Good Coffee in the Office

by Trinity Jimenez

In this day and age, a cup of coffee in the morning has become a mandatory part of our daily routine. You’ve heard the mantra before, “No coffee, no workee” and I couldn’t agree more! In fact, I think every office should have coffee available for their employees. It gives us all that extra oomph that we need to get our mornings started!

If you don’t mind, I’d like to give you my well thought out reasons as to why EVERY work place should have good coffee available for their employees.

Productivity: Caffienated beverages such as coffee or tea are great pick-me-ups for those not-so-morning-people who need a boost of energy to get started. Many studies have shown that workplace drinks, such as coffee, can be a solution for reducing stress, recharging batteries and putting workers into a positive frame of mind to get back to work once they have finished their drink. Overall it can help to improve the satisfaction of a company staff and make them more alert, motivated and productive during a work day.

Reduces Lost Work Time: Having an office coffee machine to make sure that coffee is readily available removes the temptation for staff to step outside and get a hot drink. Having to leave the office, walk over to the coffee shop, wait in line, order your drink, pay for it, wait for it be prepared, and then walk all the way back to office can take up to 15 minutes or so, when a majority of that time could have been used to get work done. A visit to the cafeteria or staff room in the work place to get a coffee will waste less time and have an employee back to work much sooner.

Visible Benefit: Offering work benefits is a great way to help maintain staff loyalty and providing hot beverages for free is one of the visible signs of doing that. Individuals who are being offered a chance of employment can also see this while they are being shown around the office. While it is obviously not a key reason for accepting a job, having little perks such as good, free coffee every morning can help to tip their decision in the company’s favour if they are competing for workers.

Common Courtesy: There are many businesses that come face to face with customers on a daily basis or that have people waiting in waiting rooms as work is being done. This includes car dealerships, garages, or even show rooms to name a few. During those times, it is always common courtesy to have coffee, tea or water available for the customers to drink as they wait. This can help to better the look of company and increase the possibility of a client returning to do business again in the future.

Large or small companies can benefit from having free coffee in the office to offer their employees. For a small cost they can show that they truly value those working for them and reap  the advantages of a happy and satisfied staff.

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