KLINK Coffee Crafts: Floating Coffee Bean Cup and Saucer


Supplies needed:
– A cup and saucer (we found that lighter china cups and saucers worked much better than using heavy ceramic mugs and saucers)
– Roll of 12 gauge wire
– Wire cutters
– Pliers
– Hot glue gun
– One dozen hot glue sticks
– 3/4 pound bag of KLINK coffee beans (use medium roast for lighter brown and dark roast for darker brown, or a mixture of both to have a marbled effect)


1) Cut 3-4 lengths of wire. For the project in the picture we used 7 inch lengths.
2) Twist the three or four length of wire together.
3) Use the roll of wire to twist from top to bottom around the wire stick already made. We went up and down the stick three or four times.
4) 1 inch from the top make a 45° angle facing the back. 1 inch from the bottom make a 45° angle facing the front. It should look like a “Z” from the side. Use the pliers to make the bends at either end.
5) Using hot glue, attach the bottom of the wire “Z” on the saucer. This is to stabilize it; looks are not important right now. Let cool and ensure that it is secure and stable.

6) Using hot glue, secure the top of the wire “Z” to the inside of the cup. Again, looks do not matter at this point, this is for structure. Make sure you glue the wire to the inside of the cup and hold the outside of the cup until the glue is cool and you have a secure bond (It may take a couple of tries and a lot of glue… have patience!)

Once you have the “skeleton” assembled, start gluing the coffee beans on.  Start with the inside of the cup.  Put some hot glue on and stick the beans to it.  Fill in the glue and beans where you see spaces or gaps.  The beans should look like they are being poured out of the mug.

To assemble the pouring beans, start at the saucer and work your way up.  Squeeze a ring of glue around the wire skeleton and place the beans on the hot glue (Be careful not to burn yourself!)  You can use tweezers if you want a more uniform appearance.  Once the ring has cooled, place the next ring of glue and beans above it.  Continue this until you reach the cup.


To create the spillage in the saucer, put hot glue on the saucer and put beans on top of it.  Keep building it out towards the edge of the saucer.

Fill in any gaps or spaces with a little glue and individual beans.
This craft is adaptable to how you like, use more beans or less, a big spill or small.  The most important necessity is to have a strong skeleton and make sure it is secure before placing any beans.


Happy Crafting!!!


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