Some information about Canadian Prisons

by Trinity Jimenez

KLINK Coffee works with men and women coming home from prison in order to help them obtain job training so that they can secure employment and support their families.

Here are some facts about Canada’s prison system.

-What is the average age of offenders in prison?

The average age that men and woman entered prison in 2010-2011 was roughly around 33 years of age. However, the average age of Aboriginal inmates is lower, 29. Offender age at admission to federal jurisdiction is increasing. In 2010/2011, 12.1% of the federal incarcerated population is age 50 or over.

– How many men and women are in a Canadian prison on a given day?

According to 2010/2011 stats, on a given day 38,219 adults and 16,279 youth (aged 12 to 17 years) were in custody in Canada (federal and provincial), for a total of 54,498 inmates. In British Columbia’s provincial correctional system 2,818 were in custody and 13,758 were in federal custody. In total, just over 24,461 adults were admitted to provincial or territorial jails in 2010/2011.

– What is the difference between provincial corrections and federal (Correction Services of Canada)?

Provincial institutions supervise sentences of two years and under, federal institutions oversee sentences of longer than two years.

Is this number increasing?

At 140 per 100,000 populations, Canada’s 2010/2011 adult incarceration rate was 1% higher than the year before and 5% higher than a decade earlier. Canada’s rate was about one-sixth that of the United States, but higher than that of many European countries of similar social and economic development.

– How many offenders have mental health issues in CSC?

The percentage of individuals committed to federal jurisdiction with a mental health diagnosis at time of admission is increasing. In 2007-08, 11.1% of individuals committed to federal jurisdiction had a mental health diagnosis at time of admission and 6.1% were receiving outpatient services prior to admission.

In 2007-08, 30.1% of female inmates compared to 14.5% of male offenders had previously been hospitalized for psychiatric reasons. Female inmates are twice as likely as male inmates to have a mental health diagnosis at time of admission.

– What is the death rate in federal prisons?

In the ten-year period from 1999-00 to 2008-09, 533 federal offenders and 376 provincial offenders have died while in custody.

Suicides accounted for 18.6% of federal offender deaths and 38.3% of provincial offender deaths. The suicide rate was approximately 77 per 100,000 for incarcerated federal offenders, and approximately 71 per 100,000 for incarcerated provincial offenders. These rates are much higher than Canada’s 2007 rate of 10.2 suicides per 100,000 people.

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