Frequently Asked KLINK Questions

As a relatively new brand of coffee, and as a business that also serves a social purpose, we often get a lot of questions – both about our coffee, and our cause. We hope that this post helps explain some of the frequently asked questions about KLINK Coffee.

– How is KLINK connected to St. Leonard’s Society?
KLINK is a social enterprise created by the St. Leonard’s Society of Toronto, a not-for-profit charitable organization that works to make communities safer by providing programs and services to help people become responsible community members. KLINK’s focus is on providing jobs and training for people returning home from prison.

– What is a social enterprise?
In the simplest terms: “Social enterprises are businesses…  that are directly involved in the production and/or selling of goods and services for the blended purpose of generating income and achieving social, cultural, and/or environmental aims.” –Social Enterprise Council of Canada

– What does non-profit really mean?
A not for profit organization means that the money earned does not go to the owners of the organization; it is donated to the organizations purpose and objectives.

– Does KLINK support former offenders?

KLINK assists individuals in removing barriers to entering the workforce. We work especially with clients coming out of the criminal justice system, but also with other individuals who face barriers to employment. Employment readiness training is offered to our former offender clients by an employment specialist and covers topics such as work attitudes, employer expectations, long term employment behaviour patterns, job search skills, interview skills, budgeting, and credit scores.

– Where does the money from KLINK coffee sales go?
All of the proceeds go towards funding the programs that help men and woman who are coming out of the criminal justice system and need assistance in acquiring proper job skills, finding employment and rebuilding their lives.

– Where is KLINK coffee from?

Our beans are roasted by Reunion Island, Canada’s “greenest” coffee roaster and one of its most respected. All of the KLINK coffees are 100% Rainforest Alliance Certified beans, which we felt was important for a social enterprise.

– What is the Rainforest Alliance?
The Rainforest Alliance is a not-for-profit international organization that works to preserve biodiversity and secure sustainable livelihoods. KLINK is proud to be Rainforest Alliance Certified.

– How can I order KLINK coffee?
You can email us at, or call our office at 647-348-2361 to place an order. We can arrange delivery anywhere within the province of Ontario.

KLINK is also available for online ordering through Cultured Coffee Bean, at:

If your business has a coffee service through Imperial Coffee, you can order KLINK directly through your Imperial Coffee sales representative. To learn more about Imperial Coffee’s commitment to social responsibility, and how KLINK plays a part of that, please visit:

– Will my information remain private if I purchase KLINK coffee?
We do keep our customers’ information confidential. However, if a customer wants to publicly share their experience with KLINK we would appreciate the feedback.

-How can businesses or organizations get involved with KLINK coffee?
You can get involved with KLINK in two ways:

  1. By ordering our coffee for your organization. Please contact to place an order.
  2. By providing an employment placement for a KLINK client. Should you wish to learn more about providing an employment placement for one of our clients, please email KLINK’s Director, Jennifer Macko ( for more information.

– Why should I invest in KLINK coffee instead of other coffee brands?
KLINK’s objective is greater than simply selling coffee. When you invest in KLINK you are contributing in changing people’s lives for the better. The money that you spend on KLINK Coffee is helping to provide the necessary assistance to the men and woman who are eager to make positive change in their lives, but require help to begin the process. KLINK is a program that provides them with those opportunities.
Have other questions about KLINK? Post in the comments, and we will answer!


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