KLINK Coffee now available for office coffee service with Imperial Coffee & Services Inc.



 March 10, 2015

KLINK Coffee announces that its brand of coffee is now available for office coffee service exclusively with Imperial Coffee & Services Inc.

Founded by St. Leonard’s Society of Toronto (SLST), KLINK Coffee is a social enterprise created to assist persons returning home from prison through employment. SLST is dedicated to ensuring a safer community by providing individually targeted supports to help people become responsible community members. Operating in Toronto for over 30 years, SLST has determined that one of the largest obstacles that these persons face is access to good and sustainable employment which leads to suitable stable housing which in turn facilitates reintegration and the safer community. All coffee sold by KLINK is 100% Rainforest Alliance Certified coffee making purchases of the KLINK brand a conscious choice for sustainable coffee as well as safer communities. Since July 2013 more and more people are making that choice while over 30 persons have received employment placements. Growth in the demand for the KLINK brand has necessitated that it be available in a coffee service, especially for office use. As the top coffee service supplier in Toronto, Ottawa and in Ontario; known for outstanding service; and committed to corporate social responsibility Imperial Coffee & Services Inc. was the obvious choice for KLINK Coffee. KLINK Coffee and Imperial Coffee & Services are proud to combine their commitment to great coffee and great customer service in a conscientious coffee choice: KLINK.


Please see:

drinkklink.com – stleonardstoronto.comimperialcoffee.com

For Additional Information contact:

Ted Addie – KLINK Manager – 647.348.2361 – tedaddie@drinkklink.com

Sonya Spencer – Executive Director – 416.373.7619 – sspencer.slst@rogers.com

Evan Glazer – Sales Manager – 416.618.2109 – evan@imperialcoffee.com


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